Bell-metal, Bronze and Brass

Bronze age marks the beginning of human tryst with metals. An era when civilization reached great heights. Soon stone tools were replaced by bronze tools. Production of Bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, started in the Middle East, Anatolia, and the Aegean in the late 4000 and 3000 BCE.

Time passed but bronze along with few similar alloys has still not lost its sheen. Its used to make utensils, artifacts and ornaments.

Bronze is an alloy of copper ~90% and tin ~10 and is still as useful as in bronze age.

Bell metal is a bronze with a high tin content of 20–25 percent with traces of few other metal like zinc, lead, magnesium, nickel and iron which are added depending on usage. Due to its sonorous quality when struck, it was used to make bells, hence named bell-metal. Higher the tin content, higher is rigidity and resonance.

Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc dates back to Neolithic times. Proportion of metals used depends on uses that range from home to various industries.

Ayurveda recommends cooking and eating in cookwares and serve-wares made of these metals good for health.

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Tie and dye

Bandhani Mirrorwork Woolen Shawl at Shilphaat.com

Red and Yellow Bandhani Mirrorwork Woolen Shawl at Shilphaat.com

Handwoven, Bandhani / bandhej / tie&dye handdyed and Mirrorwork on Red and orange Gujarati Kutch Woolen Shawl.  

*Return– Product eligible for return only if damaged. Claims for exchange or return due to dissatisfaction may not be taken by company. Please read all product related information before placing order. Feel free to contact in case of doubt (please read return and cancellation policy)

Length- 2.20 meters

Width- 1 meter

Material – Raw Sheep Wool, Mirror(plastic)

Craft- Handloom Woven and Bandhani/bandhej/tie&dye handdyed Kutch-Bhujodi Shawl by Vankar Community from Gujarat

We try to be very accurate with colours but Colour and brightness depend on individual screen settings also. Besides, photography is done under enhanced/optimal light conditions so may appearence differ slightly in indoors and dull light.

DryWash Recomended. Do not machine wash. 

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Handwoven red-yellow Chanderi dress-material at Shilphaat.com


Red and Turmeric-yellow, Handwoven Chanderi silk-cotton dress-material. Each suit takes 5-6 days to weave. .
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Dupatta- Zari buti yellow border, small butis on red base: Length- 2.50 meters , Width- 1.06 mt
Yellow Kurta/Top fabric – Flower motif Zari-buti on front, plain back : Length- 2.50 meters Width- 1.06 mt

Red zari border- Zari border, plain base Salwar/ Bottom fabric: Length- 2.30 meters Width- 1.06 mt

Material- Pure Silk at warp(vertical threads) and cotton at weft(horizontal threads), metallic thred for zari. Its thin and transparent fabric, lining required

Craft- handloom woven chanderi suit from Chanderi district Madhya Pradesh

Handloom fabrics may have certain irregularities

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Chanderi · Saree at Shilphaat.com

Orange Zari Buti Handloom Chanderi Sari at Shilphaat.com

Orange and golden pure chanderi sari

Orange authentic Handloom chanderi Silk-cotton saree with golden zari and orange blouse fabric. 


Material– Mulberry Silk at wrap and cotton at weft and golden metalic threads for zari. 

Craft– Handloom Saree woven at Chanderi. Chanderi is light weave, translucent fabric

Dry Wash only.

Being handwoven, saree may display slight irregularities in weaves that proves it authenticity.

Banarasi · Dupatta

Shikargah Banarasi Duppata at Shilphaat.com

Teal-Green Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Duppata at Shilphaat.com

Shikargah, or hunting is one of favorite subjects for artists. Be it loom-weaving, carving or painting, the obsession never ends…

This Shikargrah pattern, Teal-Green Pure Katan Silk Handwoven authentic Banarasi dupatta is and ode to the ancient hunting tradition.

Length-  2.60 meters

Width- 0.88 meter

Material: Pure Katan Silk, Silk and metallic threads for zari. Blue threads at warp and green at weft gives different shades under diffrent light conditions. Lightweight and soft

Craft– Shikargrah (hunting) Handloom woven at Varanasi

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Sub-category: Banarasi

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